One-Liner Wednesday : Straight Line

Need a straight line(r), then you’ll need two points.



“Not the wheel ?!! Even the royal house of Hanover had the wheel, sir.”. This movie line quote from The Beatles movie “Help!”  is the first thing I thought of when I read today’s one-word prompt. As I thought about how to convey my response to this word, I had a visualization of the spinning wheel one sees while waiting for a computer to respond to a command. This visual resulted in the song “Spinning Wheel” by the band Blood, Sweat, & Tears coming to mind. Such random thoughts from a word I never really think about.



As I begin this post I am struck by the fact that I set up a WordPress account a little over a year ago and only have 7 posts. I really had every intention of posting on a regular basis, but as the year went by, I found myself cringing each time I thought about logging on because of the self-doubt I had about what I would write about and putting those thoughts and ideas out there. I’ve come across a couple of articles which talked about how a person’s self-doubt can get into their minds and that it is a strong deterrent. So, I am definitely learning that a person’s worst critic may be his or herself.

Discover someone new…yourself.

I started my WordPress blog because I thought it would be interesting to write about things or ideas that catch my attention throughout my days. And as anyone who may read this post can see, I haven’t done a very decent job posting.

What a coincidence, today I decided to watch an online presentation about “writing stripped to the bone” (Peter Nez), which discussed getting to know oneself to become an effective writer.

Perhaps the more I discover about myself, the better I will become at writing about new discoveries (i.e. ideas, concepts,  images).


Did you remember to go to work today?

Yes, this is a 3-day weekend because of the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. It signals the beginning of summer. Schools are out for a few weeks unless you’ve just graduated. In that case, you could be quoting Alice Cooper’s lyrics, “School’s out for summer, School’s out forever”.

Anyway, my job requires me to work most weekends for a couple of hours. I work at a local radio station and my job is fairly straightforward. When the on air talent (which I am not) do live broadcasts outside of the radio station, I am one of two people who makes sure the broadcasts are aired at the correct time.

Today was interesting to say the least. I arrived 15 minutes early so that I could go over the times the broadcasts would happen. Well, today the monitor and computer I needed to use both completely shut down. I had to call the IT person, who was 15-20 minutes away and then had to tell the on air talent that he would be missing his first live broadcast of the day. I then get a call from the other on air talent, who is broadcasting from a different location, asking me if the other person who was supposed to be working with him is there at the station. I ended up having to run between the two broadcasts for the first 30 minutes until the station manager arrived to fill in for the “missing” co-worker, who casually strolled in a few minutes after the station manager.

So again, I put forth the question: Did you remember to go to work today?